The Tuesday night track workout is the main focus of the club. Track practice is held at Wakefield High School in Arlington.

The goal of track workouts is to increase strength, endurance, and speed. The sessions last for about an hour. NOVA Coach Jerry Alexander designs and oversees the workouts, during which he advises on pace, race preparation, injury prevention, and running form. We get, on average, about 30 to 40 people per workout.


6:15-6:30pm: Warm-up (one to two miles)

6:30pm: Welcome/Announcements, striders, workout starts

7:30pm-8pm: Workout concludes, cool-down (one to two miles)

Track Etiquette/Guidelines:

  • Stay in Lane 1 while running your hard intervals, and move to Lanes 3 & 4 when jogging between intervals or waiting for the next interval to start
  • Pass on the outside and move immediately to the inside once safely past the runner ahead of you
  • When you finish an interval, run directly through the finish line, then check over your shoulder for any runners behind you before moving out to the outer lanes of the track
  • Depending on the size of the group, runners may split into up to 3 groups for intervals. Group sizes and numbers of groups depend on number of people at practice. We will work with you to decide on which group to join. This allows for proper rest time between intervals, but requires paying better attention to your lane and fellow runners on the track
  • Bring your own water to practice! We try to provide extra water and/or Gatorade during the summer months, but in general everyone is responsible for their own hydration
  • Wear proper attire for the weather that day (i.e. bring extra warm clothes for the warmup and cooldown during colder months, and wear light clothes for workouts during warm months)
  • Be encouraging and supportive to your fellow runners
  • Talk to the NOVA Coach or President if you have questions or concerns before the workout if possible
  • No foul language please, as we are on public school property
  • Never yell, taunt, or threaten physical violence upon another member of the club, a community member, event volunteer, or event spectator
  • Never use abusive or vulgar language, or make racial, ethnic or gender-related slurs or derogatory comments at club events
  • Please be mindful of all of your personal items and do not leave anything on the track after practice 
  • Please deposit all trash in the provided receptacles
  • Use available restrooms and be respectful of school grounds and facilities