Robbie Brusso

Personal Records:
Mile:  4:57.5

5K: 17:45
10K: 37:55
10 Mile: 1:01:27
Half: 1:21:35
Full: 2:58:12

Robbie played soccer throughout high school and skipped out on playing in college for no easily defensible reason. Fast forward to a long graduate school career and he found that he needed an outlet for all of that time spent in a lab/classroom/library. Robbie was more interested in triathlons at first, swearing he would stick to short distances because he didn’t understand, “why anyone would ever run a marathon.”

Unlike a lot of the NOVA team, he ran his first 5k at the adolescent age of 24 (21:55). Somewhere in that time-frame, he started seeking out more running-only races. His racing career was put on a self-imposed hold in 2012 after a disastrous finish of the DC Rock and Roll marathon to focus solely on completing his dissertation. Even the most miserable workout is better than sitting behind a computer, typing a dissertation after you have already put in a full day’s work – so he begrudgingly created the barrier.

After completing his dissertation and joining NOVA in mid-2016, he thought he would never get back to his previous level of fitness. However, the NOVA support, hard work, dedication, and coaching paid off! Now Robbie is the proud owner of a PR of 1:21:35 in the Half Marathon and a sub-three time of 2:58:12 achieved at the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2019.

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